Your Industry

Finance & Banking

CyberUnited partners with some of the world’s largest commercial banks to ensure their software, mobile apps, customer data, and ATMs are protected by the most advanced safeguards.

Food Safety

The food and beverage industry is only second to retail when it comes to cybersecurity breaches. According to the Trustwave Global Security Report 2014, 35 percent of breaches came from the retail industry while 18 percent came from the food and beverage industry.

Similar to retail, point-of-sale breaches are often the most common attack vector. This is a prime target for cyber criminals due to the significant number of transactions. CyberUnited offers a variety of incident prevention and response services to help to reduce the environment’s exposure to cyber threats.


CyberUnited focuses on actual risks in the healthcare industry, from malpractice to malfunction, and intentional abuse. We deliver services to device manufacturers, software vendors, hospitals, and other medical organizations around the world.

Industrial Control Systems & Energy

Safety, reliability, resilience. Securing critical industrial infrastructures requires hard-earned domain expertise. From the management, generation, transmission, and distribution of bulk electrical power to securing manufacturing floors or a supply chain, we maintain a deep bench of field-assessment experience you can count on.

Internet of Things

With a track record of extensive research on IoT, we help manufacturers build and manage new security processes around data privacy, safety, and trust. We provide services to secure connected devices, systems, applications, cloud services, and platforms.

Mobile Security

Proven security assessment methodologies have hardened the latest generation of mobile devices against inadvertent data leakage, jailbreaking techniques, and helped secure the design and development processes.

Retail & eCommerce

According to the Trustwave Global Security Report 2014, retail is the most targeted industry by cyber criminals with eCommerce being the most common attack vector, accounting for 54 percent of the investigative breaches. As we have learned from the recent cyber attacks on the retail sector, preparation is key to minimizing the amount of damage an attack may have. CyberUnited can help to ensure that a company is ready for a breach by having a high level of cyber security maturity. This ensures that all methods and procedures are up to standards and are well maintained. It can also help to identify weak spots in the cyber security infrastructure.