Our Products

Intersect Core Security

As a key part of its service mission, the team at CyberUnited is setup to identify key best of breed tools that “gap fill” your existing security systems. Of the six core systems you need to create a layered security defense, most companies only have 2-4.  CyberUnited’s unique Intersect solution brings together a comprehensive core of key security prevention and support tools to fill the most critical holes that may exist in your network.  

Cyber Risk Assessment

Cybersecurity risks are bringing up serious questions. Our cyber risk decision support product quantifies your cyber risk in terms of dollars and cents. This enables executives to see the financial impact of vulnerabilities and potential security incidents. It arms them with the information they need to make smarter business decisions and manage risk. 

Endpoint Security

Our endpoint security solution partner gives customers the power to protect what matters most to them online. CyberUnited endpoint Partner is used worldwide in over 200 counties by over 400 million people and 270,000 businesses. These innovative endpoint technologies help protect money, privacy and data from sophisticated online threats.

APT Protection/Advanced Malware Protection

APT Protection detects advanced malware, prioritizes remediation and automates containment. Organizations benefit from early and reliable detection and fast remediation of breaches across their infrastructure. This network-based solution is designed to be deployed across the entire organization cost effectively.  Even if you have already invested in APT protection, our Partner solution is worth a look to open new possibilities and opportunities on your IT network.  

Anomaly Detection

Any activity that is alarming due to deviations from established baselines can be a good indicator of an incident. Whether these are malicious or not, CyberUnited will determine the best way to correct their cause, or help add them to the baseline. CyberUnited can also create the baseline for any organization that does not have one yet. 

Data Breach Resistance

Our Data Breach Resistance partner solution provides an insight into your cyber environment, enables vision of active traffic flows that are occurring on your network, and gives insight into what the current network and system health is. This allows for inefficiencies to be cut, show problem areas, and reveal possible and potential malicious connections. This service also provides vulnerability and threat assessments – providing your organization with a prioritized list of threats and vulnerabilities. Threat Intelligence helps to put a focus on the current environment, flushing out weaknesses, breaches, or any inconsistencies that can hurt performance. The monitoring allows for a company to see all connections being made to and from their systems, with special flagging for blacklisted or known threat agents. 

Vulnerability Intelligence and Monitoring provides a smart comprehensive vulnerability management platform, fine-tuned to filter out useless messages and non-action items. Combined, this solution provides a company with a static and dynamic Threat Intelligence, giving visibility into the state of their systems or data in motion.