CyberUnited is constantly looking for engineers, researchers, and thought leaders to help us solve important security problems that face the nation and the world. We engage with the most potent technology startups, large enterprise, carriers, and government regularly.

Senior Security Engineer

The Senior Security Engineer is an expert in enterprise IT security. He or she will have mastered the operational security needs of large enterprise, and the intricacies of security perimeter and endpoint technologies in complex environments. Specifically, this individual will have experience with:

  • Deep understanding of network topologies, protocols, and device configuration.
  • Design, deployment, and transition of security architecture, including firewalls, IPS, wireless security technologies, and endpoint products.
    Core and perimeter next-generation firewalls (Palo Alto).
  • Web Application Assessment expertise and toolset experience (BurpSuite, Zap, ratproxy, Netsparker, etc).
  • A background in network security assessment and related tools / frameworks (Nessus, Nexpose, Metasploit Qualys, etc).
  • Client facing positions.

Senior Product Security Engineer (CA Labs)

The Senior Product Security Engineer’s primary focus is third-party product evaluation. In this role, you will be responsible for measuring various vendor products’ efficacy and performance under a variety of load and vulnerability conditions. The primary responsibilities of the Senior Product Security Engineer will be to:

  • Create test plans for individual product implementation scenarios.
  • Execute security efficacy testing using BreakingPoint, Spirent, Mu, and other toolsets.
  • Measure performance under various load conditions.
  • Author scripts to automate testing in different equipment scenarios.
  • Catalog the knowledge garnered from R&D and testing scenarios.
  • Author whitepapers on performance and security efficacy.

The Senior Product Security Engineer must have experience with in-depth testing tools and techniques, including:

  • BreakingPoint Simulation and Testing Equipment
  • Spirent SmartBits
  • Mu Dynamics MU-Series Service Analyzer
  • TrafficIQ by ldappcom
  • Core Impact
  • Metasploit Framework